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Why Game-Based Learning will make your child Smarter

What is Game-based Learning?
Gaming can be entertaining and can make learning fun at the same time. Game Based Learning Benefits For years, games were tools for learning and continue to do so.

The rise in use of digital devices and learning opportunities online has paved the way for Game Based Learning. Gamification in online learning could encourage students to learn more and compete with their peers. SHARPENS MEMORY Game Based Learning is known to sharpen the memory of kids by a staggering 90%!

Learning concepts through visuals leads to better retention power and sharpens the minds of kids. Games like Sudoku and Scrabble are great examples! What does the Future of Game-Based Learning hold in the Ed Tech Industry? The shift from traditional learning to online has been on the rise.

With an expected growth rate of 27.1% of adoption of game based learning from 2020 – 2025, it is correct to say that this way of Learning is very soon going to become a part of each and every classroom and household!


Why Game-Based Learning will make your child Smarter

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